Faith Reconciled

  “To stay with a broken heart, a rumbling stomach, with the feeling of hopelessness and wanting to get revenge;that is the path of true awakening”~Pema ChodronBehind this veillay all things possible,yet all things past.Shattered innocence personified,refusing to believea broken wing cannot be healed.Determination to seea heart soar high above its sorrows,endless riversflowing home to the sea.Passion conceding [...]

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Pocket Full of Buddhas

"Exhale, exhale fully. Emptiness begets fullness" My story is meI’m true to my storyveracity personified.not for public consumption,there is intimacy…and there islascivious lustingfor lurid details.Ask me aboutthe miles on my heart,the centuries on my soul,feel my painmy searing pleasureand all that goes onin between.Unfolding major Arcanalaid out before mesymbolically steepedinsinnuendos of the soulcompel me to [...]

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