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Poetry, storytelling and song writing are members of the same family. I have a deep appreciation for the literary arts and believe that creative writing whatever its form, render a fleeting glimpse, a snippet of insight into the author's inner world. To live an unexamined life is our greatest travesty and consequently we cannot grow as we are intended to without putting ourselves under a compassionate lens of scrutiny. Writing can do this by giving us a strategy to crystallize those thoughts and emotions that so often elude clarity and self knowing. Journaling, writing poetry can be a catharsis in this process leading to a new awareness of whom and what we are. The journey of self discovery ultimately opens the door to the spiritual growth and evolution we so richly deserve.

Connecting the Dots

"The sower may mistake and sow his peas crookedly: the peas make no mistake, but come up and show his line" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Causality is the relationship between an event (the cause) and a second event (the effect), where the second event is understood as a consequence of the first. Connecting these [...]

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An Empowered Existence

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. ~ Khalil Gibran Slanted windswept rain, magnificent diamonds, illuminated by one defiant sun, superbly soak, receptive forests with stoic mountain peaks, the silent witness. There are no contradictions in nature, there is no sense [...]

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Terry Fox, a Hero’s Hero

I love your silence. It is so wise. It listens. It invites warmth. I love your loneliness. It is brave. It makes the universe want to protect you. You have the loneliness that all true heroes have, a loneliness that is a deep sea, within which the fishes of mystery dwell. I love your quest. It is noble. It [...]

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If Only for this Moment

Ego says; “Once everything falls into place I’ll feel peace.”Spirit says; “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place”~ Marianne Williamson Awakening to a cantaloupe sky from pastel dreams of peaceful surrender, where what I need is what I have; a sated world devoid of cravings,if only for this moment. Mountain morning moon,unhurried, smiling,clear and [...]

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A Pinnacle of Peace

      Somewhere beyond the drone of the beehive psyche lies a pastel mindscape imbued with gentle hues of knowing. A perspective uncluttered, unhurried, free of conflict, of wants and needs; desiring-less; and here, in sated silence, serenity dwells.     Paradoxically “somewhere” is here, right here, right now; not a destination, not a [...]

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Willing Hostage of Hope

  "No matter how dark the situation,let me hold on to the steady light of hope" .  “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.”  ~ Emily Dickinson    Intuitive wisdom; we all have thisinfinite well of love,drawn from our soul’s aquifer, depths of higher [...]

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Fishtailing Into Now

“The path to true equanimity is the whole hearted, unrestricted co-operation with the unavoidable”  Tomorrow; a blurred prophecy obscure and abstract,spawning hollow threats,empty promises,predicated on perhaps.   Mental constructscontainingdelusional hopes,delirious desires,destiny’s defeats.   Today;   irrational fear embodied,maladaptivecoping strategiesdesigned to fail; as if we knew. Colliding with the unavoidable, plummeting into reality at gunpoint; ample resistance,no preparation.   Yesterday;  of course I knew, I had to, how could [...]

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Within the Heart

 "Soul is not a thing, but a quality or dimension of experiencing life and ourselves.It has to do with depth, value, relatedness, heart and personal substance."   ~ Thomas Moore Within the heart lies a sacred space,an arena of abiding splendor, peaceful warriors gather there,engaging strength with soft surrender.Unwrapping presence of letting go,inhaling challenge; gifts from the [...]

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This, Only This

“This existence of ours is as transient as autumn cloudsTo watch the birth and death of beings is like looking at the movements of a dance.A lifetime is like a flash of lightning in the sky,Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain”.~ Buddha(563 - 483 BC) ...and when I’m still,my world draws into focus,my [...]

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Why Men Could “Choose” to do Yoga

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.~ Chinese Proverb    Why men could choose to do yoga.     The operative word here is “choose”; it’s always about choice in everything we do.  We try to make karmically correct choices when we hold a conscious perceived value in what we [...]

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