Henri’s Music

Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar & Percussion

Music has been a constant in Henri’s life since his early teens when he discovered the guitar, it is rumoured that Jesus was in the third grade about the same time. This lasting love relationship with music took him through the coffee house scene of the sixties, Motown, Country Rock in the seventies and eighties, weekend bar bands, wedding bands; always wading in musical waters. Check out Henri on:


Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/3arriVsjvRhbLWOJvNgo6t?si=_MRlutAVSCiwdib1birlrA

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzogH-UkaRJJvByICHPDbQA


The Critters started out in the basement as casual weekend acoustic jam sessions with no thoughts about an actual band with gigs. However as time progressed and the musical chemistry began to appear we all realized the potential was there. It wasn’t until we took a Saturday trip to Calgary to go “browsing” in music stores and came home with $20,000. worth of music gear that this had become much more than casual music get togethers. All of us had previous band/gigging experience so the actual learning curve was “fine tuning” our respective styles and musical strengths and manifesting what was to become the party in a box that the Critters are today. The one unwavering criterion is and always will be that having fun is paramount, all else is secondary. In that context The Critters are a huge success.

The Mountain Critters