Life does not always give you what you want,
but if you look closely you will see
that it gives you what you need for growth”

Leon Brown  
Why did we meet?
Does it matter?
We did,
that’s enough.
Where it leads
is the mysterious glue
holding this universe together.
Attraction was instant,
but kept under wraps.
Saturday night blues in Wan Chai,
the perfect backdrop.
All night had felt the charge
catapulting between us like
two Porsches idling at a red light.
Remembering so well
the cab ride back from the Blues Joint;
snaking up Garden road,
hours of restraint
dissolve into that kiss,
that voracious, supercharged, first kiss;
knocked the hour glass on its side.
Reality in suspension,
alcohol reveals
what sobriety conceals,
hunger and longing for that
which has too long been denied,
condensing into nectar,
cascading into rivers of adulation.
And yet…
The cab let us off
on this side of the bridge
with heart and soul
at logical conclusions,
a path not chosen,
mystery intact,
speculative fodder for the lusty mill,
A door unopened.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2004