Be Yourself, everyone else is taken” ~ Charles Schulz

and who exactly is that?

Who slumbers so soundly
within the depths
beneath the meniscus
of your narrative?
Believe the questions,
question your answers,
peel back those layers,
go for the heart.
Distill your narrative
to energy.
Get beyond the thoughts,
the stories…
there are so many,
You can’t control something
you’re not aware of,
You can’t solve a problem
you don’t understand,
You can’t comprehend clarity
when you don’t recognize
Arrive at feeling,
at that connection,
where heart
with mind.



You were gifted with this energy,

own it,

control it,

direct it,


who are you now?
who can you be?

who do You want to be?

become it,
be yourself.

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2016