Dance of Divine Duality

“Two souls but with a single thought, two hearts that beat as one”
~John Keats

I am the humming bird,
You are the flower
in this perfumed garden
of devotional delights.
You are the valley
where I am the hills,
in this verdant landscape
void of boundaries.
I am the candle
You are the flame,
in the benediction
of our sacred shadows.
You are the Banyan tree
where I am the sun,
in these fertile fields
of faith and splendor.
I am the rain
You are the thirsty earth,
in this opulent oasis
of delirious desire.
You are yin
I am yang,
in this delicious
dance of divine duality.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2003
All rights reserved

Author notes

Relationships; all that they can be, all that we dream of, and at times (not often enough) strive to actualize. Relatively easy to conceptualize but significantly more challenging to manifest in a meaningful and lasting manner. Yet this and so much more is entirely possible; if we can conceive it, and we can believe it then we can achieve it.
Love is not about generating it, it’s about releasing it, setting it free from where it already exists in abundant splendor, a dance of divine duality.
My musings on all that.
Written September 23rd, 2003
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