“Never shall I forget the days I spent with you . Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours.”

-Ludwig Van Beethoven

She made it to these shores
like so many of us,

running to,

running from.   

Looking for answers,
that we already had,
discovering instead that it’s about
re-framing the question.  

Paradise lost, sanctuary found,
if only for the proverbial moment ,
living large while
pining for other places. 

Diving deep
beneath the meniscus of here and now,
Nirvana seekers in the big blue, 
nitrogen; our drug of choice.  

Escaping the cacophony of life,
seeking silence
in the sound of our bubbles,
whilst the mind noise drones on.   

In a constellation of shifting souls
she was there when I needed a friend, 
still, fate’s gravitational pull
keeping us in our respective orbits.   

I was there when she folded, 
took her signature Volvo, 
sold it for a song, 
melody still plays in my head.  

Miles removed, connection intact
John Deeres throb on,
the taste lingers on my tongue,
diesel engines and cheesecakes

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2012