Everything changes,
I do, you do,
the world around us,
the way we know it,
or thought we did. 
Dashed expectations,
dreams unfulfilled,
illusions revealed,
lie shattered on the floor.
And that’s OK.  
I am not this,
I am not that,
I am not separate from you,
just different,
let’s celebrate that.
Everything flows like a river,
that’s the only constant;
gifts of change,
when we opt for trust in
the intangible tangibles.  
Generosity and gratitude,


when we elect to receive
and give without measure;
contentment without content,
where our currency is love. 
everything changes. 
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2012
Author Notes: 
Changes are occurring in many aspects of my life right now and I am dancing as fast as I can to keep pace with all of this. Learning how to let go has gone from a tidy but abstract concept that I am fond of teaching but has morphed into a concrete reality that is becoming my litmus test to establish my pH (propensity for humanness). I pray for clarity and my ability to trust.