“Stay close to anything that makes you glad to be alive”
I still remember when
the sound of you calling me Daddy
was the sweetest melody
I had ever heard.

Bringing light into darkness
your beautiful innocence
shone like a beacon
in a midnight storm.

You graduated from tricycle
to bicycle
from training wheels
to solo flight.

I still remember
running beside you
holding on,
holding on,
holding on

I still remember
that moment
letting go and knowing
it was out of my hands.

 Letting go,
the anguish
of letting go.

Don’t fall,
keep your balance,
keep your balance,
don’t fall.

And here you are
years later
and here I am
running beside you.

 Don’t fall,
keep your balance
keep your balance,
don’t fall.

I still remember…

 Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2002 All rights reserved.

Author notes

I remember so vividly teaching my first daughter how to ride a bike. That precarious moment where I had to let go and trust that she would ride. A moment with not too distant metaphors in life. The practice of letting go is the apprenticeship in the art of non attachment. For me a work in progress.