I’d Be Lying If I Said…

I’d be lying if I said
I have never…
speculated in my heart
what “us” might look like
yearned to be the target for
your hunger’s arrow
pondered freefalling
into your liquid pools of love
wondered what it might feel like
to hold your affectionate hand
imagined profound kisses stirring deeply
in places seldom seen
fantasized of whispers …
softly moaning in my ear
dreamed of someplace new
where merging souls confide
drifted off to sleep on a frozen winter night
wrapped in narratives of you
…I’d be lying if I said
I have never
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2003
All rights reserved.

Author notes

People come into our lives for reasons, which are not always clear. With respect to relationships there are times when we allow our hearts to wander the path of illusion that leads to the door of intrusion. With flags up and red lights flashing we are reminded to honor that which is and detach from that which could have been. And so we love those who are not free to love us back from a distance. Not wrong, not a mistake just a lesson in love.
Written August 30th, 2003
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  1. t-mcd March 28, 2012 at 4:01 pm - Reply

    Excellent poem – concise and emotional in a way often done but over done. you should be considering sending out for publication if you
    Your site looks very good too – clean, easy to read and something to return to. i would suggest that perhaps if your list of poems gets too long you group them by date or however you want. the other thought that i have is the author's note. i wonder if it's necessary for all. for example, in this poem i think you said the author's note in a much more eloquent way. minor quibbles. it would be interesting to collaborate with you sometime. really great change

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