Ego says; “Once everything falls into place I’ll feel peace.
Spirit says; “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place”
~ Marianne Williamson

Awakening to a cantaloupe sky
from pastel dreams
of peaceful surrender,
where what I need
is what I have;
a sated world
devoid of cravings,
if only for this moment. 

Mountain morning moon,
unhurried, smiling,
clear and distant,
yet close all the same
beckons introspection,
self inquiry,
acquiescing to what is,
if only for this moment. 

Silky smoothness
of aromatic java,
concocted consciously,
morning’s elixir
heavenly presence,
swirling in my mouth,
beguiling my senses,
if only for this moment. 

Firmly girdled in reality,
connected profoundly
to now here,
warts acknowledged,
not judged,
loving acceptance,
a tranquil heart,
if only for this moment. 

Intentions seeking
this day revealing
a blank slate,
chalk in hand
purpose unfolding,
just being,
if only for this moment. 

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2014 All rights reserved.

Author notes.

Mindfulness is predicated on the idea that all we ever have is this moment, this “here and now moment”, and in fact, our entire life existence is a series of these here and now moments strung together. If one can accept this then it also stands to reason that every nano-second we spend living in the past or projecting into some unknown future is precious time that we are absent from this; this moment of here and now.

We found out in May that Michelle’s cancer is back; not even a year after surgery, radiation and chemo a brain tumor is growing again. After being numbed by this for a while we are now back on track, forging our resolve to live life in the present and to understand that this is life’s gift; our present. John Lennon said; “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans”, so on a daily basis we remind ourselves to be here and live this life, this present as it unfolds, if only for this moment.