Letting Go:
In practice there is always the dance between feeling the truth of our suffering 
and letting go of it, 
not in a dismissive way but in a way that honors it”.

You’re an alpha dog in a pack of one,
you win races that don’t exist,
Walter Mitty has nothing on you.

Outrageous describes your relationship with the world,
you wear this banner in the name of artistic licence;
you are frustrated and intolerant with all those
“who don’t get it”, and there are many.

The sad and unwavering truth is that you don’t get it,
you just don’t,
and one day (perhaps) you will.

You may notice that as you wag that accusing finger at the world
there are three fingers pointing back at you.

You’re an alpha dog in a pack of one,
look behind you,
there is no one following you,
you can’t lead when you’re lost.

Being lost is not the original sin,
it does not constitute failure,
it isn’t wrong,
it just is…
you just are

So dwell in your darkness,
embrace being lost,

that too will come to an end.

Your compass won’t lie,
it will be there when you look for it,
it’s been there all along. 

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2012-08-28

Author Notes

This seed was planted a long time ago, another place and another time with someone I knew, or thought I did. Sometimes we get more insight on situations when we are removed from them and from a greater distance can read those life scenes with more objective clarity. In the final analysis it’s all subjective but then that is the nature of writing and that is my artistic licence. I imagine that we are all lost at critical junctures in our lives and are faced with staying lost or digging deep for that compass and arrive at the conclusion that it’s been there all along.