“Exhale, exhale fully. Emptiness begets fullness”

My story is me
I’m true to my story
veracity personified.
not for public consumption,
there is intimacy…
and there is
lascivious lusting
for lurid details.

Ask me about
the miles on my heart,
the centuries
on my soul,
feel my pain
my searing pleasure
and all that goes on
in between.

Unfolding major Arcana
laid out before me
symbolically steeped
insinnuendos of the soul
compel me to quench
my spiritual thirst,
my creative overlord,
at the brimming well of love.

Today and tomorrow,
here and there
of a singular beam of light;
being without boundaries
equanimity spans the horizon
connectedness to all
without exclusion.

And when I forget
my humanness
acquiescing to the light,
surrendering to the stream,
navigating on trust
layers of resistance
fall away to reveal
a pocket full of Buddhas.

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2006 All rights reserved.

Author notes

At my daughter’s 29th birthday, her good friend Jamie gave her a little bag filled with Buddhas, hence “pocketful of Buddhas. This felt very symbolic to me and came to the conclusion that if one perceives Buddha as pure goodness, a whole pocketful would then amount to copious quantities of compassion and spiritual light for the recipient of these. So apropos, as these are precisely the qualities I perceive in my daughter Jess. These then would be the words that came to me.
Written June 11th, 2006