Restless Soul Beleaguered

“Those with a grateful mindset tend to see the message in the mess.
And even though life may knock them down,
the grateful find reasons,
if even small ones,
to get up”

~Steve Maroboli

Looking for somewhere to run
yet knows no place to hide
gasses up his Chevy
gets baked before the ride.
His mind at twice the speed of light
removed so far from now,
restless soul beleaguered
furled lines within his brow.
Melancholy mistress
drives stakes through grizzled pain,
backed into a corner
seeking shelter from the rain.
Rooted anger stirs within
validation there denied,
a witch’s brew of shadows
snakes stirring deep inside.
Prospects of escape defined
highlighted imperfections,
self demise within his sights
in misconstrued perceptions.
Exceeds the point of no return
reflects briefly on his fall,
one hundred miles an hour
slams his car into a wall;
                                                             restless soul beleaguered.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2003
All rights reserved.

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