He said:
I don’t know what you want from me,
I give you all I can  
She said:
I can’t explain this void I feel
not sure where it began  
He said:
I miss the days when love was easy,
when we didn’t have to “try”
And she:
 ….lost inside her vacant stare
just answers with a sigh…

A thousand words race through her mind
but lips unmoving still
in vacuums of indifference
that loneliness will fill.

He struggles with impending fate
and wrestles with defeat
his world implodes in silence
heart wails one lonely beat.

And so this story sad but true
unfolds in daunting rhymes
infernos turned to ashes cold
retold too many times.

Ships passing in the still of night
with different ports of call
he said this and she said that,
but silence says it all.  
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2002
Author notes
Thinking about my own experiences with love and its subsequent demise and of those around me, I am reminded of the exquisite pain that we endure as a result. There comes that defining moment in a dying relationship where denial is no longer an option, and becomes the losing poker hand laying impotently on the table; silence says it all.
Written July 29th, 2002