Size Matters

“Always do right. 
This will gratify some people and astonish the rest”

~Mark Twain

size matters,
yes it does,
but I’m not talking about
your appendages…
notwithstanding genetic aberrations
we are anatomically correct;
for better or worse
we are all perfect.
what I am talking about is
the size of your feeling heart,
the depth  and scope
of your compassionate self inquiry.
Demonstrating that capacity
for unconditional acceptance,
your ability and willingness
to trudge a road less travelled
With wild, yet loving abandon
committing random acts
of kindness along the way,
in constructs of an infinite imagination.
Live dreams of a better world
where your currency is love;
commerce of altruistic cosmic ripples
echoing through the universe,
Scrutinizing your world
through a lens of equanimity,
knowing it’s clarity you seek
redolent of truth.
Hope thrives in the absence of fear
making all things possible,
limited only by what
your higher self conceives..
Absent smoke and mirrors,
stepping up to the plate,
walking the talk,
delivering the goods,
That only you can,
doing it with panache,
size matters
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2003
All rights reserved.
Author notes

I have seen those adverts here and there telling us that “size matters”. Thought about the concept and do believe they’re on to something, but from an anatomical perspective came to the conclusion that they are geographically challenged and fixated. So have made it my mission to take this concept on a different poetic tangent where I trust it will give new meaning to the notion that size matters.
 Written October 12th, 2003

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