What was That??

What was that?
Was that an introduction?
An interest pure and earnest,
an honest glance,
organic meeting of two minds,
“agenda-less” desire to meet,
a bond under construction?
Was that an introduction?
To hormone driven blind desire,
a quenchless thirst
with hunger pangs,
cut to the chase in hot pursuit;
details be damned, don’t hesitate,
right now, let’s fuck seduction?
Or .
Was that an introduction?
The naked harbinger reveals
a hungry heart,
an empty soul,
loneliness lost in denial,
meandering into abyss,
a “B’ movie production?
What was that?
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2002
All rights reserved.

Author Notes

A blast from a long ago past; my recollection of observations made in an all night live music venue, Packed with partiers with insatiable and reckless lust who are colliding with loneliness, cravings for connection; obscured through an alcohol imbued lens of wanting to be needed. 

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