What Would Peace Look Like?

It isn’t about peace or war?
it’s about greed
and manipulation.
It isn’t about who started it,
or who’s to blame,
it’s about who resolves it.
Fighting for Peace,
the quintessential contradiction
akin to fornicating for chastity
It isn’t about ideological differences,
it’s about tolerance and understanding,
or lack thereof.
It isn’t about communism
or capitalism,
it’s about karmic correctness.
It isn’t about supply crisis,
to feed the hungry,
it’s about the lack of will to manifest.
It isn’t about social alienation,
it’s about indifference
from vacant and distorted hearts.
Forgiveness is to strength
what rancor is to weakness,
what love is to peace.
What would peace look like?
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2008
All rights reserved.

Author notes

I was at a Night of Artists event a while back that was promoting 8 minutes of world peace to be held Aug 8, 2008. One of the performers spoke about peace and what that might look like at an every day personal level. For instance what does peace look like if someone in front of you jumps a queue at the check out line or cuts you off in traffic? How do we manifest peace in these moments and avoid creating more havoc and turmoil in our lives and the world around us? If peace doesn’t start with us, then where will it? We cannot legislate into law the open heart required to manifest authentic peace; it has to come from each of us on our own volition. It’s as simple and complex as that.
These days the only legitimate group we can belong to is the Citizens of Planet Earth, we’re on this ship together; we all deserve to be here and we so desperately need to acknowledge that. There is a way; let love be the compass, and when that happens what would peace look like?
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