Yes This Is Life

“I realize there’s something incredibly honest about trees in winter, how they’re experts at letting things go”
~Jeffrey McDaniel


It’s springtime in River City
the thaw tipping point has arrived
ice floes the size of tennis courts
with galaxies of little moons
but in the stream nevertheless.
Pregnant with spring,
with the sun
the holy witness,
skeleton trees extol their dormant beauty,
the sap of life
coursing through their veins
awaits its verdant birth.
Birds in pairs flutter about
tapped into the core
they know exactly what to do.
It is, it just is,
many mysteries here
and yet,
it’s all so clear.
This is life,
this is the clock,
this is a page on your kitchen calendar,
inhale it deeply,
let it soak into your skin,
taste it and savor,
yes this is life.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2003
All rights reserved.

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