Your Touch Lingers

Take a moment to notice when you’re happy,
and then tell yourself 
“if this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.”
Kurt Vonnegut 

Like heat seeking missiles
the words you spoke
found my mind.


I close my eyes

hands touching
ever so lightly,
with humble respect,
electric nevertheless.
Luscious ecstasy
of discovery;
tentative fingertips
opening to
tender palming.
Arms held wide
pulled in close
staying centered,
connection intact.
Music segues to silence,
crashing waves subside,
eyes open
we disconnect
and still…
your touch lingers.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2003
All rights reserved.

Author notes

I meet with this group every week to “push hands”. We always start the evening off with light but meaningful conversation, and warm up with various Chi Gong movements to a backdrop of soothing, meditative music. Pushing Hands is a Tai Chi related movement that involves two people with eyes closed connecting through, fingers, hands and wrists just maintaining light contact and making circles and other increasingly different movements. The idea being to stay in your own center (Dan Tien) and remain grounded while exploring each other’s energy. At times it feels like operating on autopilot my arms moving without my help and time appears to stand still. Depending on my partner there are other times when the entire movement takes on a magical dance like experience. This was one of those times.
Written May 19th, 2003
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