“If I keep a green bough in my heart, 
then the singing bird will come”
Chinese Proverb 

A Tsunami of heavy humid air washes its welcome over me
as I step from the plane onto the searing tarmac.
Welcome back to Cayman,
allure of the azure deep,
that which first delivered me to her shores.
Bazillion Caribbean stars
caressed by jasmine flavoured breezes;
Seven Mile Beach,
mudslides and margaritas,
my Jamaican friend Herb
who never fails
to say high.

More than this awaits…
annals of heavenly moments
and gut wrenching heartaches.
New chapter in a long story,
love so deep and pure
it would withstand any challenge…
but it didn’t;
its match had been met.
Situation specific scenario sets the stage;
money meets love,
meets intrigue,
meets gender revelation.
Who knew?
Is it over?
Is it ever over?

And now,
memories flood my low lying heart,
inundated, immersed, washed over
and consumed,
yet, detached somehow.

With this strange brew 
of familiarity and newness,
forging on,
choosing this moment
to become my own
compassionate witness
Copyright Henri Ferguson © 2003
All rights reserved.