“For after all,
the best thing one can do when it is raining
is let it rain.”
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Running through our songs of rain
with fears that we might melt,
camouflaged emotions,
that we’ve felt.

Distant thunder on the heels
of lightning’s lethal dart
piercing through these walls of pain
weep sorrows
of the heart.

Tempestuous gales, tumult of life
sodden with mistrust
faith drenched by squalls of grieving,
catatonic rust.

Life’s pendulum swings both ways,
we call this right and wrong,
good and bad, and pass or fail,
the language

of our song.

And when we have the butterflies,
when we tap into sensation,
we discover that they’re there all right,
but flying
in formation.

Happiness does not just happen,
unless it is our choice,
our lyrics sung as hollow words
we find our voice.

Let’s dance between the raindrops,
feel the mud between our toes,
celebrate the sunny days,
what our soul knows,

Find gratitude for easy times
muster courage for what aches,
we’ll never know how strong we are
until we dig,
for what it takes.

Running through our songs of rain
no fear for what is felt,
living life wholeheartedly,
we play
the hand were dealt.

between the raindrops

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2015

Author notes
A few weeks ago Michelle and I had just left a medical consultation with her oncologist and were hoping to come away with some answers, a strategy of hope with a positive outcome. We got none of this. What we left with was discouragement and disappointment with the unmistakable odor of defeat. With heavy hearts we walked to the elevator that would take us out of the basement of the hospital (the symbolism was not lost on me). There were speakers in the ceiling above us and one of Michelle’s favorite song started playing. I was stunned to see Michelle inexplicably grinning from ear to ear, miming the lyrics and start dancing like she was having the best moment of her life. Who does that?

Michelle, that’s who, she plays the hand life has dealt her and goes dancing between the raindrops.

Michelle: somewhere in eastern Europe. (summer 2010)