In Vagrant Love

Vagrant love
circumnavigates your listing heart,
your frothy expressions
its wake,
visibly tangible
lacking substance.
Destinations undefined
subtle trails dissipate
into nothingness,
leaving behind
tranquil but desolate seas.
That which may have been
vanished without a trace.
Betrayal of shadows past
cast the die,
a doctrine of unbelieving
from which your tools are forged.
And still…
you yearn for that
which only you can deny
but choose instead
to aimlessly drift
in vagrant love.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2003
All rights reserved.

Author notes

Some folks take to heart the expression “once burnt twice shy”, with respect to matters of love. And so they dance around entanglements, one foot in the other out there somewhere. Terrified of commitments and the potential disappointments therein, yet aching with a loneliness that is palpable, they set their vacant hearts adrift. I am reminded that I can only be their witness to this and view it all through a compassionate lens watching lonely souls in vagrant love.
Written June 20th, 2003
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