Banana fostered dreams
shoot me back to Decateur Street,
Sunday brunch laced with love,
jazz wafting through naked air,
we are not old,
we are not new,
we are timeless for this moment
and now…
we were.
Trust things are going well for you
and finding your way through
that meandering maze
we christen life
and that bliss,
or something near
has found your door.
Think about you often
as I do now,
and send you
warm thoughts,
sunshine on your shoulders,
and a soft breeze in your back.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2003
All rights reserved.

Author notes

Thinking, reminiscing, in a freeing and mindful way of a past love and some precious times shared, when the world was ours on a half shell. No wistfulness or nostalgic pining, just tender memories that leave only feelings of gratitude for how love fills my cup to the brim.

Written June 15th, 2003