Inner Soliloquies

Be not the best in the world; rather aspire to be the best for the world.
In these lucid moments
my convoluted life
becomes a discernible constellation
as I connect the dots
people, places and events
animals too.
A map of retrospection
fleeting glimpses
of clarity and resolution
deliver me
to compassionate insight
with steadfast resolve;
To walk in earnest
on roads less traveled,
to believe
in things I cannot see,
to fill my cup to the brim
from the overflowing well of love,
quench the thirst of those in need.
Embody the very best of me,
deliver the promise
laying dormant within
to be the son, the father,
the brother, the friend,
the soul mate to the one
who waits in love.
All this
and then some,
trajectories revealed
promises made in conception
unfold on distant shores
message in the bottle
inner Soliloquies.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2004
All rights reserved.

Author notes

My life has been, and continues to be full and rich beyond my wildest dreams. Rich in immeasurable ways that transcends material wealth, but rather in the claiming of personal power, the realization that I am constantly evolving and laying claim to my place in this world. Spawned not from external forces but from the germination of the seed that lies within. Learning to trust the voice inside that utters the inner soliloquies.

Written July 13th, 2004


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