I Am But Your Witness

“Don’t worry about whose responsibility it is. Don’t worry about who is to blame. When you blame someone else you give away your power and energy. Just decide to take it upon yourself to fix things and change your life. The change will occur so much faster”


Our convoluted life journeys have been
inextricably linked,
it’s a strange brew of love and contempt
that would be the glue
holding this amity together.
You are an apostate to love,
a walking contradiction,
a ship of wrongs
trying to right itself
in a tempest of karmic conciliation.
Some of the things you do and say
leave me appalled,
shaking my head in disbelief
at the depth and scope
of your unskilled deportment.
but still…
Juxtaposed against this,
feelings of admiration and respect
for the gentle (if unskilled) spirit
that sleeps so deep and soundly
within your core.
Why this covert anger and mistrust,
what wounded ness would precipitate this,
when did indifference take centre stage,
and heave you off the tracks,
where does your ship seek safe harbor?
Who knew?
Questions not seeking answers,
only introspection
devoid of judgment,
compassionate salve
healing seeking wholeness.
I am but your witness



Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2005
All rights reserved.

Author notes

It’s fascinating how we seem to be predestined to intersect paths with certain people in our lives continually for many years. And at times we have ambivalent relationships with these people, but still they persist and we maintain contact, albeit infrequently. I have noticed that as I get older (and hopefully somewhat wiser) I am finding more compassion and less judgment in my views of the people and events in my life.

To be absolutely non judgmental and practice non-attachment in the truest sense is the ultimate goal deemed worthy in my life journey. Not sure if I will get there but in the mean time will take baby steps forward. This then would be my poetic spin on that.

Written January 14th, 2005

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