“Growth of consciousness does not depend on the might of the intellect but on the conviction of the heart”

~Wayne Gerard Trotman

How blessed are we when;

arriving at resolution,

we free fall into seas of knowing

where palpable truth

leaves us reconciled.


Where surrendering to the lens

of compassionate scrutiny,

with depth of field set to infinity,

brings us in focus

in vibrant colors.


Those we touch

and those who touch us

purvey the fundamental goodness

woven into our seed

expressed as love.




How tragic

to be paralysed by fright,

crippled to inaction

succumbing to frequencies

of a lower vibration,


Perceptual narrowing,

limiting our options,

closing the door

that would open the way

to a path of liberation.


Irrational fear is a mental construct

conspiring against us;

polluting the well

that would quench the thirst

of the parched soul.


We are inherently good,

choose love.


Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2005

All rights reserved.


Author notes

Every emotion in the human repertoire of feelings comes from either a place of love or a place of fear. Although we tend to think of our feeling expressions as automated and natural responses, they are in fact a choice. “Choice” being the operative word in that statement, because they are a function of how we perceive the world around us, and the only aspects of that we can really change are our perceptions.

When we view the world as a fearful, dangerous place our reactions and responses will follow suit. And sometimes the world is a dangerous place and then it would be appropriate to be fearful. However it is the generalisation of that fear that taints our perceived world. When love is our currency we will flourish, when we come from a place of fear we will fail, become victims and look for blame in the world. Wars are predicated on fear. Choose love.


Written February 4th, 2005