Love Is Like That

“They do not love that do not show their love. 
The course of true love never did run smooth. 
Love is a familiar. Love is a devil. 
There is no evil angel but Love”
~William Shakespeare
Let me gaze into your windows
with curtains pulled aside,
let me pause inside your aura
absorbing what stems forth.
Let me enfold your ardent hand
exalt the seed of this connection,
let me quench my peerless thirst
from your exquisite and luscious well.
Let me bare my famished soul
in layers of smoldering confessions,
let me divulge what lies beneath
in this chamber of my yearning.
Let me deplete my aching self
into your warm receptive vessel,
let me fill my cup to the brim
with your torrid and immaculate fervor.
When desires rule,
and prudence becomes…
floating feathers
in a wayward wind,
where I am yours
and you are mine,
Succulent senses
secreting passion
beyond comprehension,
launch me
on flights of fancy,
in this fragrant garden
of corporeal delights.
Love is like that

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2005

All rights reserved.



Author notes
Relationships are the proverbial and quintessential double edged sword; folks wanting out, folks wanting in,and then those on the fringe in the land of indecision. And some folks choose to walk a solitary path. The amazing chemistry that takes place when a relationship is being launched has all the potential in the world to become poetry in motion, a wild dizzying ride. The absolute mind body rush that emanates from the connecting of two spirits is something to behold as energy fields merge, testing the waters with drunken anticipation.
Lovers and soon to be lovers open their hearts and souls like overflowing cups of unbridled desire and let this nectar overflow the rim of the saucer and onto the table as lusty passion kicks into high gear in a garden of corporeal delights.

Inevitably this union will undergo the litmus test, as they all do. Love is like that.  

Written April 12th, 2005



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