Be Authentic

“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.”

~Eckhart Tolle

The articulation of wounded spirit

seeping through your deeds
and transgressions,
resounds clearly over the clamoring
verbiage of stated intent
oozing inertly from
a toxic and
manipulative mind.
Tell me not what you will do,
but in its stead, show me,
in humbled silence,
with honorable purpose,
an altruistic heart
driven by desire
to become a beacon
on this vexed planet.
Words in their entire splendor
flounder hopelessly
in a musty basement,
where good and evil
lay side by side;
until manifested
by demonstrated purpose.
Self serving
hidden agendas
lurk perniciously
beneath skinny veneers
that would be the
benevolent platform
of platitude attitudes,
going nowhere fast.
The emperor’s new clothes
have nothing on you,
you re-define paltry
in a world
where currencies are
lies and half truths.
predicated on greed.
The salient advantage of
speaking your candor
is that it’s the only story
you’ll ever need to
the bonus would be
a clear mind and
an unclouded conscience.
Speak your piece,
in your untainted voice
galvanize your intent
to make a difference.
manifest your movement,
reach deep into your heart
where there exists
only one way.
Be authentic
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2005
All rights reserved.

Author notes

The seed for this first came to me while I was reading about a government scandal, and I just wanted to rant. Quite frankly it doesn’t matter which scandal, because essentially they’re all about the same issues of deceit, dishonesty and whatever else lays in this bottomless cesspool we call politics. This does not infer that I believe there aren’t any honest politicians, although the word oxymoron does spring to mind…

While fine tuning these words it occurred to me that this isn’t just about politicians, it’s about people in general who are not honest with the world and their respective relationships. I am sure all of us can relate to folks in our lives who have created a web of deceit with little white lies, and some not so little nor so white, misrepresenting themselves and thus creating havoc not only in their lives but ours as well. And for what? It all comes home to roost eventually, so spare us all and just be authentic.

Written May 17th, 2005

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