Love Truly Is

“Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.”

~ Ben Franklin

Love truly is 
such a universal language
is it not?

That crazy, urgent,
incessant, insatiable,
that you want,
no, crave…
to connect
with that person,
Even if you don’t know
what about;
doesn’t matter,
you just want to tap into their vibe,
hang on to their inflections
like orphaned morsels of cheesecake,
savored on your tongue.
And now,
the field of my attention
you manifest in soft smiles,
a languorous body rush
opens me up
I pour it out
and fill your saucer.
I dedicate this spark,
these delicious flames,
this aromatic inferno,
to what could be us;
giving really is
love truly is.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2005
All rights reserved.

Author notes

The euphoria of love and infatuation endorphins firing is like no other feeling. Some relationships (not all) take off like an F-16 screaming down the runway and airborne in seconds. Actually many relationships do that; however some flights are much shorter than others, still the fact remains, that those endorphins kept you airborne for awhile. This is when we discover the divergence of love and infatuation, with the latter looking for a runway. I think many of us are addicted to that feeling of “G-Force on our hearts” but ultimately we ache for the long and steady flight where we soar with another. When we can receive graciously and give in return without measure, we slide into the slipstream that carries us along, turbulence and all. And that’s flying, it’s the brass ring, love truly is.

Written June 4th, 2005

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