“Time is the longest distance between two places”
~ Tennessee Williams 

Faded footprints,
stories of
you, me, us, them,
inclusion, exclusion,

Our maps,
chosen journeys,
congealed lives of
will and intent,
convoluted paths,
same destination. 

Hypnotic years roll by
blurred pages flipped,
ballads of being
composed on the fly
questing for harmony
refuting dissonance. 

Scarcely a drop
in rivers of time
granular moments of sand
slip through clutching fingers
settling as dusty memories
on this cosmic collage of “we”. 

Reaching for,
striving to be,
grasping at,
clinging to,
and giving up; 

Until we unravel the now…

 Inconsequential yet pivotal moments,
filed under human experience,
where less equates to loss,
we find our illusions shattered.
still in this brokenness we find
humbled divinity.

Indisputable proof beyond affect
defies distorted indignation
holding hostages
of higher purpose
beyond form and fiction;
awakening in a word.

Meaning and purpose
retrospective opinions
rainbows of immaculate life,
but a hologram of brevity still
we only ever have this,
it goes by fast. 

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2013 All rights reserved

Author comments 
Michelle’s cancer with its many challenges plays out on this stage we call living where I am constantly reminded of the inextricable and fragile link between life and death. In lucid moments of reflection I see life’s meandering path as a very brief snapshot moment that belies my inner sense of chronological time and space. In the final analysis I am learning to appreciate each and every moment we have.  This picture above was taken a few (pre-cancer) years ago when Michelle and I went white water rafting in Jasper. A precious and exhilarating adrenaline stoked moment to be sure. It goes by fast.