“Faith is an island in the setting sun, but proof is the bottom line for everyone”
~ Paul Simon


Beam shivered, and nestled in close

to her mother’s warm feathers,

the icy wind nipping at her
little body.
A coyote’s howl filled the air,
its shrill notes filling
Beam’s heart with fear.
Shadows were everywhere,
the trees were transformed
into menacing silhouettes
that might any moment
snatch her away from
her mother.
The darkness surrounded Beam,
smothering the rays of sunlight
that had filled the skies hours before.
Her little breaths came in short gasps,
her little body tight with fear.
Beam’s mother, Hope, stirred,
sensing her daughter’s unease
and asked her child what was wrong.
“I hate the darkness Mom,
it makes the world a scary place;
you can’t see anything.  I miss
the sun. It makes everything
beautiful.  It lights up the sky
so I can see the blue and the white clouds,
and the green of the trees.
It keeps me warm and when the sun is
here, I know everything is all right.
Why does the sun have to go away?
Why does the night come? ”
Hope thought for a moment, then
lifted a wing to point at the night sky.
“When I was your age I was frightened of the night.
I used to be scared of the darkness in the sky and
I longed for the sun to rise.  But the night does not
last forever, the sun always returns each morning,
if we trust that it will come.  And look up into that darkness.
Do you see that white, glowing circle in the sky?
That is La Luna, the sun’s sister.  She watches over
us while the sun sleeps.  Her light is not as strong
as the sun…but it is there if you look for it.  La Luna’s
light reminds us that the sun has not gone away for
good, it is just sleeping.  And look at the little specks
of light in the sky…those are La Luna’s helpers, they
help her keep us safe.  So if ever you feel alone
and frightened at night, just look up and you will see
La Luna’s light shining down on you.  The darkness
of the night never fully takes over, my little one.
And while La Luna shines, you always will know that
the sun will return.”
Beam listened to her mother’s wisdom and looked
up into the night and La Luna’s light, faint but persistent glowing
in the sky.  Before when she had looked onto the night horizon,
she had been overwhelmed by the darkness; it seemed to be everywhere,
washing over the sky and everything around her.  It was the all consuming
night that had frightened her, the emptiness.  But now when she looked into
the night she focused her eyes on La Luna’s light, a luminous island in the darkness.
She felt comfort in that light.  As long as the sun’s sister was there, the darkness
would never completely take over the sky and she was safe.  Beam nestled closer
to her mother who began to sing in a soft whisper.
La Luna, guardian of the night
Shine in the darkness
With your glowing light,
Protect us from shadows
And calm our fears,
Remind us all that the sunrise is near.
Beam’s body gradually relaxed, she felt the warmth of her
mother’s body and she looked up once more
at her shimmering protector.  She began to
sing softly,
La Luna, watch over me this night,
Remember your promise to bring back the light,
La Luna, remember your promise to me,
That the sun will return and the night will flee.
The tranquil notes drifted off into the night sky
as Beam’s eyes grew heavy.
She fell asleep, dreaming of the sunrise,
but confident La Luna’s serene glow
would protect her and the sky
from the night.
She awoke to see her mother’s kind eyes
watching over her.
The darkness had receded,
the radiant sun was on the horizon,
filling the sky with light and
splashes of color.
The night was over and the sun had returned.
La Luna had kept her promise.
Copyright © Dave Reid 2013
Written for Michelle, whose resilience, faith and courage inspire all who know her.  
~ David Reed June 9, 2013


Michelle is on the path of convalescence after finishing what we hope will be her last round of chemo just over two weeks ago. This, an arduous yet hopeful journey of reclaiming her life from the upheaval and struggles of cancer, one day at a time; baby steps of healing and believing.  
We are surrounded by a small legion of neighbors, friends and silent but compassionate witnesses who nurture Michelle with their thoughts and prayers and food that is made with organic love and wholesome intentions. Lately we have been showered with baskets of homemade food with notes of love and support left outside our condo door. We are so enriched and overwhelmed by this outpouring of giving without measure that asks for nothing in return (other than the empty containers) leaving us nourished and believing in the power of human kindness. This poem was written by David the son of our dear neighbors Robert and Lynn.  
In gratitude for all of you,
Michelle and Henri.