Life in the Snow Lane

“There was that law of life, so cruel and so just, 
which demanded that one must grow or else 
pay more for remaining the same.”

~ Norman Mailer

The aroma of coffee wafting through the air
finds my olfactory senses and draws
this winter morning into focus.

It’s New Year’s eve 2008,
introspection, resolutions, reconciliations abound,
endings and beginnings collide,
time stands still for no one. 
Flakes falling with the gentleness of
a springtime fawn
caress this loping landscape
with dazzling velvet hands,
whipped cream trees,
kiss a cerulean blue sky
on this canvas called life.
Crunching snow beneath my boots
reverberates with frozen conviction.
rising up from the depth of my soul.
my words morph into vapour trails,
echoing into infinity,
Am I here?
I am Here,
I am Here
My mantra.
Temperature extremes
are the ebb and flow of balance
that rocks me to my very foundation
testing my resilience, my ability to adapt;
faith under the glare of scrutiny
conspires to reveal fault lines of the heart and
irrefutable truths of the soul.
Hours and dates are merely numbers while
seasons serve to remind us
of the passage of time
and the ravages of being absent;
we all have a promise to fulfil,
that which was enshrined
in the seed of our conception.
Fresh tire tracks
define a road unforeseen,
a new path taken
on this clean slate of snow,
the genesis of possibilities burgeons
in this white world of winter;
life in the snow lane.

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2008
All rights reserved.

Author notes

I have always found the Christmas holidays and the waxing New Year to be a fitting and natural time to reflect. The compass of my heart tells me where and when to make corrections as I chart my journey through life and come to terms with the reality that the destination is no where in focus. Trust becomes a very big word as I learn to become at once the traveller, the road travelled and the compassionate witness to all of that.

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