Be Here

Like the prudent mariner
never trust your fate
to just one map,
A singular aid to navigation,
pockets filled with promise,
a basket full of eggs.
Too many trials and tribulations in life
to create predictability
with any scientific authority.
Listen to the music between the notes,
echoes of silence between your thoughts,
the vastness of an empty mind.
Respond to the conundrum
that life so often is
with beginner’s optimism.
Seek clarity within turbid realities,
trust in confusion
as a transitory necessity.
Gather that which feeds your soul
and leaves your essence spinning
in the still point of your mind.
Yield to the mystery,
surrender to your wisdom;
never give this up.
Beg the questions,
question the answers;
acquiesce to your waking truth.
Let go of attachments
in this results oriented world,
abandon self-imposed limitations.
Believe in the goodness
that nests in your core;
the seed of your creation.
Nothing is unforgivable;
every sinner has a future
every saint has a past.
All that matters is in the now,
you are either now-here
or nowhere,
Be here
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2004
All rights reserved.

Author notes

This piece has been in the works for some time. While poring over a navigational sounding chart I read a caution to sailors not to rely solely on one single map or floating markers for their navigation. I certainly saw the logic in this but more importantly (perhaps) I saw the metaphors for life.
Plenty of self- observation and that of others through the lens of equanimity gave birth to these words. Call it pocket wisdom if you will, but I seem to have a penchant for encapsulating little poetic snippets of insight as I stumble along this path of mine. And if these words resonate with others, all the better to know we’re connecting on some level. I believe that if we are ever to achieve any sense of peace and harmony we dream of, (even in this vexed and complex world), we need to reach out with compassionate understanding and leadership. We are all capable of doing this, all we have to do is Be Here.
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