What’s Blowing in the Wind

Friday morning,
July, Hong Kong
on my way to Stanley
waiting for the bus,
warm breeze blows
but cools me still
people watching,
meandering thoughts
What’s blowing in the wind?
it’s all bad
troubled world, many ails
distorted views,
so much anger
blind rage stoked by ignorance
and unwillingness
to seek that middle ground
What’s blowing in the wind?
Shifting thoughts
and where are you my love?
so far away, but still,
beating in my chest
hidden times, hidden places
from zero to heaven
In four o seven
where it all began
And what’s blowing in the wind?
Off the bus now
sailing through that
Sea of Asian eyes
while listening to Red Eyed Blues
love that sax
will they like it?
does it matter?
what’s at stake?
What’s blowing in the wind?
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2002
All rights reserved.

Author notes

These words are exactly what popped into my head as I was doing this, watching the world unfold and somewhat preoccupied with my music. These words came out after I had recently finished recording my first CD and Red Eyed Blues is one of the tracks. It had been released to Asian countries and Europe and there I was, wondering if I was going to have any luck with this album, or am I missing the boat. www.cdbaby.com/Artist/HenriFerguson

I have been writing mostly rhyming poetry and this was one of my first attempts at free verse.
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