Your House Upon the Hill


“Life is a perpetual instruction in cause and effect”.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your pervasive only ness is the rust
invading the hinges
between your worlds of here and there.
You dismiss and banish those
who will not surrender to your terms of;
“this is how it is”.
The holy grail you seek
quite likely sleeps within
the casualty heaps that haunt you.
Love is never 50/50;
giving without measure
is the admission to abundance.
Speed dating is
the TV dinner
in the gastronomic world of romance.
Nothing worth keeping comes without risk;
to risk is to be vulnerable;
there is power in your vulnerability.
And so it is, and so it shall be,
self imposed exile
in your house upon the hill.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2005
 All rights reserved.

Author notes

The act of loving, living and giving it all in one’s significant relationship is truly the quintessential double edged sword. Risking is really the only way to reap the rewards that lie dormant beneath this mound of possibilities. Somewhere between intuitive knowing and letting go of pre-conceived notions and expectations there is a place where you can meet your beloved. There is ample evidence that when our criteria for love are flawed, so shall be the outcome. And sometimes we are slow to learn this; repeating the same behavior and expecting different results has a way of leaving us cynical and jaded. Fact: the only thing we can change with absolute certainty is our perceptions…but still there are those, you, who choose to stay in your house upon the hill.
Written December 19th, 2005
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