“The most valuable form of service is to fully awaken to who you are,
and then live that awakening in every moment.”
~ Adyashanti

When life disintegrates before my unbelieving eyes,
when viable options dry up in a sizzle,
like orphaned renegade raindrops
on a defiant sweltering summer sidewalk,
I find resolve among the ruins.

When adrift and drowning
in seas of shattered illusions,
recognizing my own apathy,
but still don’t care,
I find acquiescence among the ruins.

When hope becomes a four letter word,
berating my faith in the unknown;
where trust becomes a negotiable virtue,
and dispiriting questions prevail,
I find poise among the ruins.

When “why” becomes my Albatross, my
self imposed myopia,
my flirtations with failure,
the dark night of my soul,
I find promise among the ruins.

When the quest for meaning and worth
becomes a reprimand for asking,
the audacity to seek,
what I know is there,
I find validation among the ruins.

When my fragile heart falters,
in the echoes of the past,
where errant conversations
belie what is felt,
I find love among the ruins.

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2014

Author Comments

When we encounter a personal and problematic tipping point in our lives, everything that was previously taken for granted falls under a relentless scrutiny and becomes open to re-defining.

Such is the case with the endless physical complications that are occurring with Michelle’s crusade against cancer. Time after time this horrendous disease is testing our mettle to forge on in the face of unimaginable and disheartening obstacles, but that is exactly what we will do. This deep and profound connection we have becomes increasingly more important and potent as we build love among the ruins.