“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute
with love, grace, and gratitude”
~ Denis Waitley

In a world of black and white
infused with
yet intangible rainbows of
intellectualized needing,
ego’s covetous must haves;
delusional bursts
of misspent drive
toothless efforts
biting into thin air,
leaving empty hands and
insatiable grasping.

Frantically pursuing apparitions,
clutching hearts
clinging hands
with needy minds,
perceive obstacles
real and imagined
in polarized views
of have or not,
win or lose
in vacuums
of desperation.

and courage
the vehicle,
hope becomes the driver,
when we are

minding the mirage.

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2014 All rights reserved

Author Notes
When we square off with life’s many challenges and specifically those that do not offer clear and viable answers, the power of delusional thinking tempts us to wander the path of “if only” leading to the disappointing end of our delusional rainbow. Wanting leads to more wanting and amplifies in the process of blurring boundaries between concrete realities and the wishful projections of a desperate mind. Michelle’s cancer is our current indisputable and life challenging reality. We have a chosen treatment path that like all others contains no guarantees or outcomes, only potential scenarios based on statistical probabilities. Hope and trust have become huge words in our conversations these days. This has also become a catalyst for my own issues around abundance and perceived “lack thereof” and shows me how these feelings of vulnerability have a way of revealing fears that lie dormant just below the surface of our coping skills. Somewhere between embracing life “as is” and our self created mirage of best case perhaps, maybe and what ifs, we discover hope and faith, and strive to master life’s fundamental lesson of implicit trust. I am finding this to be a steep learning curve and the supreme test of my mettle. I am fond of the expression “no matter what happens, I will handle it” and these words resonate profoundly now as I find myself minding the mirage.