“The sower may mistake and sow his peas crookedly:
the peas make no mistake, but come up and show his line”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

is the relationship
between an event (the cause)
and a second event (the effect),
where the second event
is understood
as a consequence
of the first.

Connecting these dots
of cause and effect is
an apprenticeship
in the art of science,
the mapping of a meandering life
often camouflaged,
derailed with aching,
spawning self sabotage.

Actions of here and now,
delivered in due course
to there and then,
what is promised,
what is feared;
the universe
unravels at will.

Some know this as Karma;

call it providence,

reaping what is sown,

actions borne of intentions,

unshakable causality,
dominoes in motion
principles played out
three sixty.

There are no favorites,
no exclusions,
blame is vanquished
in this natural
sequence of events,
logical consequences
history unfolding,
connecting the dots.

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2014 All rights reserved.

Author Notes
It saddens me deeply to see what is happening in this world of ours with respect to environmental disasters, with expansionist political aggression, with racist subjugation and gender oppression. In my heart and social conscience I have an idealistic desire to manifest positive and meaningful change. While in my logical mind I have a pessimistic and jaded view of a world imposed on us by greed and power that is absolutely indifferent to the logical consequences. Eventually I come back to a place where I understand that there are ways that I can make a difference, as seemingly inconsequential as they might appear. Indifference is a stone’s throw away from feeling helpless. The salient aspect of being human is in the art of connecting the dots.