Michelle says:
I love you Henri Ferguson,
you bring laughter into
the hallways of my heart,
I am 16 again,
a giggling schoolgirl,
excited about holding hands.
Life is one big adventure,
and you are my adventure partner.
You are my partner in love,
laughter and seeing each day
as a new beginning.
Thank you soul mate Ferguson,
thank you…
~ Michelle
Author Notes
Michelle and I leave notes around the house as a “little surprise” to give each other that spiritual nudge we need from time to time. I have little sticky notes on the mirror in the bathroom, by the kitchen sink and the books I’m reading. These words came from such a note left on my desk on Nov 5th.
Playfulness and spontaneous expressions of love are some of the essential ingredients that keep this fire stoked and my heart overflowing with joy. Every day is a new beginning, every moment a celebration of the here and now and ultimately that is all we ever have, besides each other.