I don’t know who you are,
you exist as a file on my computer
and bits of memory in my mind.
Mexican minstrel,
a story of life to be sure,
a stranger’s face, 

 soul’s windows
unabashedly wide open.
Another place,
Tlaquepaque Mexico,
another time,
snapshot moment really.

a stranger in his reality,
another gringo,
from another world.
Friendly faces
acknowledgement unspoken,
acceptance agreed,
I took this photo,
a stranger’s face.


Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2012 All rights reserved
Author Notes
Michelle and I were on a month long trip in Mexico studying Spanish and spent a few days in Tlaquepaque, a regional hub for artisans of every description. This fellow was a guitar player in a small street ensemble which we listened to for a while. I was struck by this man’s face and felt I was peering into another’s soul. Without dialogue he agreed to let me take his picture, I left him a generous tip and I got this; a stranger’s face.