“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.”

~J.R.R. Tolkien (The Fellowship of the Ring)


And with your hungry answers,
in the enormity of silent wisdom,
in the forsaken mindscapes of infinity,
in your aching ocean of emotion 
the kiss of God is upon you.  
Love is what we’re born with,
fear is what is learned,
there is no place to run to,
there is no need to hide,
the light of the moon,
an illusion,
a mirror for the sun, 
the kiss of God.  
The foreboding doubts that shackle,
a tempest in your soul,
significance surrendered,
a blind date with destiny,
passion driven purpose,
a taste of life denied,
believe in tacit strength,
the kiss of God. 
The legacy of who you are
is love beyond proviso,
the many kindred spirits
whose lives you intersect,
pay homage
to the laudable laughter
from your beautiful soul, 
the kiss of God is upon you.  
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2012 All rights reserved
Author Notes
This convoluted cancer journey is an “off road” experience that takes us through every imaginable landscape of challenging terrain without a compass. When Michelle is struggling I tell her that now the “VOR” is speaking (voice of reason) and in the most loving, gentle but direct manner try to introduce a more healing and positive perspective on the moment. It doesn’t always work, I don’t always find the right words…but I try. The detour to “why” is just that, a detour, a circular and painful path to nowhere that takes us even deeper into this abyss. In those moments I close my eyes and go to where I can feel the Kiss of God.