“There was that law of life, so cruel and so just,
which demanded that one must grow
or else pay more for remaining the same.”
~ Norman Mailer
For some of us it seems the process of letting go
leaves claw marks on the walls of the soul.
And yet,
letting go…
it’s all so simple really. 

Yielding to those doors open to us
with warrior’s wisdom,
surrendering to higher purpose
where obstacles become transparent;
the divine paradox.  

Not letting go when it’s gone
is holding on
to an invisible thread
attached to pinnings
bereft of promise;
leaping off into air
laced with delusion,
defying gravity
as if
you could.  

So embrace your angels,
choose to see them,
choose to be them.
forge your demons
into spiritual resolve.

Spiral to a higher vibration
you already know the way,
the path is free to wander.
If your heart is true
and your intentions are pure, 
you will do no wrong. 

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2003 All rights reserved.

Author notes

In conversation with one of my closest friends she spoke these words to me “For some of us it seems the process of letting go leaves claw marks”, those words stopped me in my tracks with their visual impact. I immediately jotted them down in my journal for future reference. Those words tumbled within for days before taking shape in a stream of thought that culminated in this poem.

Written December 23rd, 2003