“The butterfly counts not years but moments and has time enough”.
~ Rabindranath Tagore. Nobel Laureate (1861-1941) 
Years ago,
feels like
moments since,
I knocked on a warrior’s door.  
Breaching your fortified heart,
letting this outsider in, 
your sacred love oozing out,
yielding to promise.   
Unfolding  herstory
of challenges unforeseen,
forbidding realities,
beyond comprehension.   
Compromised crossing over the Battle River,
soul searing beginnings, 
courage inspired consent,
healing on distant shores.   
Hands holding resolutely

through tarnished tears,

mirthful laughter;
passages made.   
Exultant gratitude
for years that matter
yet numbers feel irrelevant,
inconsequential somehow.  
Time distills to
pictures of the past,
projections of the future.
the magic of tender moments.
I celebrate life together;
providence personified,
we are; us,
time enough.
Copyright ©Henri Ferguson 2012 All rights reserved
Author Notes 
When cancer becomes life threatening it creates the potential to unconsciously gravitate to worst case scenarios while vocalizing the opposite, with the net result of incredible psychological dissonance. I have only recently become aware of this while sharing in a cancer care giver support group. We really are masters of our own delusion and until we begin to explore that brew of emotion that we so stoically keep in check, we exist in a faltering state of imbalance. Trust becomes a HUGE word and ultimately that is exactly what I must do. Trusting that there really is a GOD (Good Orderly Direction) in the universe, that we are exactly where we need to be, doing what we are doing, and that there is Time Enough.