My Way Back to Love

“Exhale, exhale fully. 
Emptiness begets fullness”.

A frozen pen,
a vacant page,
bona fide expression.
In shrouded silence
the sacred heart
fluent in loving awareness
yet lonely still;
muted in self imposed exile,
craving what it rejects,
crying out
in muffled longings.
Torrent Caribbean winds
sweep me away
on the crest
of a silvery moon.
Distant voices
in cadences long and slow,
reverberating on and on,
in harmony with bliss.
An opus of understanding
beating to passions deep
just beyond my grasp…
I listen.
Whispered promises
of what can be,
that which knows
no boundaries;
in resolution
I reach out
and swear to find
my way back to love.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2008
All rights reserved.

Author notes

Found the seeds of this poem in my “poetry in progress” file from days gone by, another life it feels like now. As often happens when we try to reconnect with a muse from the past it can never rival our initial experience or at the very least our memory of that. In any event I took what I did remember and built on that as well as my current life perceptions and the convoluted lives of others that swirl about me.
There is an expression I love which says: “how I do anything is how I do everything” and assuming we are guided by our moral compass and strive to live a karmically correct life that defines who we are. Beyond that the only real change we can manifest in our lives is by how we interpret our perceptions and thus, the ensuing consequences of our actions. How we choose love in our lives is a good indicator of how we make other life choices. And when we find ourselves adrift in a sea of loneliness, love will be the compass that leads us back to land.
I dedicate this to family and loved ones who have enriched my life so; converging and diverging relationships, it’s all good. The vow I make to myself is regardless of how many times I may drift I will always find my way back to love.
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