A clear cold Canmore day,
dusting of fresh snow
paints a pristine visual;
sunny distraction
for eager eyes,
a heavy heart. 

Silence permeates the air
not uneasy,
yet silent still.

Destination Calgary,
chemo for Michelle,
round two.

Softly weeping,
her gaze locks on
horizons undefined;
I reach for her hand,
“you all right?
she murmurs…

As always,
the nursing staff
were magnificent,
patience personified,
angelic in the flesh.

Treatment time was short,
three hours instead of eight,
anti-nauseate drugs working,
Michelle steps out of the ring,
balance restored,
faith intact.

our mountain sanctuary,
Michelle re-connects with peace,
laughter, lightness returns;
in a world of black and white;
she finds her stride.

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2013 All Rights Reserved

Author Notes  

Humour is one of the “adhesives” that holds this union of dovetailed personalities together. Now more than ever with the heaviness that cancer brings into the equation, we rely on those spontaneous moments of love and craziness to maintain the status quo of Mich and Ferg.  

As I was working on this I explained to Michelle that this will have a different feel from the other writes. This picture absolutely cracked me up and became the perfect fit for what I am trying to convey here. Laughter is such powerful medicine for us any time, but especially now on this tumultuous journey I will reach for whatever will help Michelle, as she finds her stride.