Save water, it will save you later”
The drop in my drink has been on amazing journeys.  It has been through the darkest caves and the strongest currents.  It whizzed down water falls and it’s always fresh.  My drop dribbled down a cliff down to the saltiest seas.  It traveled to even the fluffiest clouds and smashed back down in a rain storm.  It was there when a pod of dolphins went by and when water shot out of a whales blow hole.  It melted off Mount Everest and twirled through whirlpools.  It touched the squirmiest tentacles on the squishiest jelly fish.  It took shells and sea creatures for a ride and washed them up on the prettiest and the ugliest beaches.  It froze in the Atlantic Ocean and formed the biggest iceberg.  It fed coral in the deepest seas.  It sucked and absorbed water in all sorts of ways.  It was in the biggest rain storm and formed the prettiest rainbow.  It slid from a rose petal that was picked from the garden.  It dripped down the proud mother’s face when her daughter got married.  It trickled down the wing of the butterfly after it rained.  It glided down the beak of the hummingbird after it had a drink.  It’s been in the past and will be in the future.  The drop in my drink happened just for me.
Copyright © Abby Chapman 2013 All Rights Reserved


Henri’s comments  
Abby is the not quite 10 year old daughter of some dear friends. Her mom Heather sent this to me and I was absolutely floored at the depth of insight and creative expression this young poet had written for her school assignment. I offered to post this because I think this child displays a keen awareness of water, our planet’s life blood that many regrettably take for granted.  
For those of us who get water by simply turning on a tap it is easy to forget or ignore the harsh reality that, for many people in this world water is a very scarce commodity. If we do not embrace water conservation into our life styles now, there will come a time when wars will be predicated over water. We all need to think about this, act accordingly and demand that our respective governments enact this with committed legislation.