There are no guarantees in this world.
Yes we all want them
but let’s just get over that
and forge on.
Fence sitting, waffling and being overly cautious
are the ingredients for mediocrity,
and that’s not an indictment on mediocrity
if that’s what floats your boat.
But if you want to live a vibrant and exciting life
you have to be willing to take risks,
well thought out and calculated…
but risks nevertheless.
What does this moment;
this here and now moment,
offer up as options
above and beyond
timid safety?
How can you be;
how can I be
who strives,
who values,
making a difference,
even when 
no one knows?
Fill your own cup,
toast the journey.
The road ahead…
is the road ahead
just as the path you’ve walked
is what
you leave behind.
Live life
like this
is the only time
you will go around.
Those proverbial bumps in the road
are the highs and lows
that remind me
 I am very much alive,
 ultimately providing me
with that elixir,
that I like to call,
 the juice of life.

Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2003
All rights reserved.
Author notes

In my mind life is all about risk taking, in virtually every aspect. The only certainty is that there are no certainties other than death, so plan accordingly. Few things in my life have been handed to me on a platter, instead most involved risk taking, and from personal experience I can tell you that one does not always win. But like “going for the large” when you lay it all on the line, and roll the dice, the juice is intoxicating. 

Love is like that too, we take chances, we win…we lose, and still we keep coming back for more. Laying it on the line, for the juice of life.
Written June 7th, 2003