Love has many faces.
the obvious ones might be
physical and sexual attraction,
common interests
and a host of other aspects
that might be described as
personality and
lifestyle choices
these are fundamentals to be sure,
I believe
successfully melding,
these elements
into that compound we call love,
deep, heartfelt mutual trust
and respect
unwavering desires
supporting each other’s evolution
to embrace and promote
mutual personal and spiritual growth,
the manifestation of all the potential
that lies dormant within,
I believe
is the key
I believe in fidelity.
I believe
that a relationship
is always
a “work in progress”
success is merely
a retrospective snapshot
of a moment,
or series of moments.
real success,
with passion enduring,
is the ability and aspiration
to go the distance
I believe
our soul is
an overflowing well of love,
the many faces of fear,
once we learn
to dwell there
I believe
we have an infinite capacity
to love
and when we learn
to come from that place,
as opposed to the place of fear
we will know
the true nature of abundance.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2003
All rights reserved.

Author notes

As much as many of us swear to remain single and perhaps celibate, the reality is that the perplexing riddle of love continues to roost in our hungry hearts. Relationships being what they are, with more permutations than Rubik’s cube defy a single definitive rule for success. My take on this is that instead of focusing on “love” we perhaps should zero in on fear, that flip side of the coin that continually bushwhacks us when we aren’t paying attention. Nothing is simple yet everything is; it’s how we perceive it that decides which it is. So from the comfort of my armchair here is my take on the true nature of abundance.
Written June 8th, 2003