Distance makes the heart grow fonder…
that may work for Hallmark
but darlin’ it’s not working here.
But still,
a thought worth believing
and that I did for quite some time.
I tried to tell you many times,
standing at the bridge match in hand,
and let love’s breeze blow out the flicker.
 When clarity arrives
I’m forced to see
that truth lies dormant in denial.
You said; “read your mail,
will take some time to process
I’ll call you”,
you never did,
don’t need to be a sailor
to know the ship is going down.
Another page, another chapter,

another lesson learned.

Not unlike the weather
it’s sunny, it’s cloudy
it’s hot, it’s cold
the lesson is equanimity.
Copyright © Henri Ferguson 2003
All rights reserved.

Author notes

Long distance relationships are a crap shoot at the best of times, but love being what it is has us throwing caution to the wind and defying the odds. Sometimes we win sometimes we lose, not unlike everything else in the universe that is beyond our control. If I’m writing a book on equanimity; this would be another chapter.
Written May 6th, 2003